Cingular Rebates

So Cingular has this exchange deal where you can send them in your ATT phone (only specific models) and get $150 cash back. So I switched Katie and I to Motorola V220 and V400 phones. Apparently as of Nov. 15, the ATT and Cingular networks have merged and are now just one network. In the house, we seem to be getting good service.

The annoying thing are the rebates. Katie and I have been terrible about sending in rebate forms. Probably a million dollars (well maybe not quite that much) is owed to us from rebates we never sent in. We stink.

I’m trying to fill out this one from Cingular. They ask for all these details that I don’t know. The print is microscopic, only Spencer could like it and its printed grey on white so it’s near impossible to read. They are trying to break me. But like Rocky against Ivan Drago remembering his fight against Mr. T. I say, “My prediction? Paaaaiiin.”

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i’m trying to receive my $125 rebate for signing my daughter on with you but i can’t find it can you help me?

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