Thanksgiving Summary

  • Ben and Darcie visited.
  • Kara is plenty pregnant.
  • Katie made turkey for Jim/Penny & Ben/Darcie and the rest of us.
  • Katie gave Kara a shower.
  • Leftover turkey redux with the Sauls/Rinaldis/Peters/rest of us.
  • Went up to Moon Mountain and got a tree.
  • Put the bunk-bed together.
  • Michael the beta fish was killed by Halfdot the goldfish.
  • Mark came over and built a ladder out of some 2×8 pieces of scrap wood. Looks great.
  • Watched the Jets win. Still no Chad.
  • Put up some holiday lights on the house.
  • Matt is sick.
  • Katie is Tired. (with a capital T)
  • Back to work.
  • I feel like I’m missing something. Uh oh, Katie needs to work.

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