Katie and I need to switch from ATT to Cingular. They allow you to break the contract and switch. The plan is slightly better than what we have, but we would get roll-over minutes. We just have to pick phones. My phone doesnt even work right anymore. I cant press the numbers 1, 2 or 4. I need 2. I cant live without 2. 2 is my shortcut for Katie!

So because Katie is freaked out about the prices and stuff, I think we should BOTH get the Motorola V220 Camera Phone (free) although the Motorola V400 phone ($80) has some nice benefits.

Any advice?

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I had a Motorola for a while and it was pretty good. I also have a camera phone, which I almost never use. I would only recommended a camera phone is the quality is very high and you can easily (and cheaply) email the pictures to a home computer. Why do they have cameras anyway, its pretty random. Why not have an MP3 player or a swiss army phone.

Whatya think?