Biking to Power your Home

I think I have a good idea.

The government is paying currently to winterize hundreds of thousands of homes.  The energy savings are enormous.  I propose two things.  First, that when they winterize the house, they also add a battery system.  The battery system would have a universal input that companies could build products to plug into it like solar panels or wind turbines.

Specifically, the product I am interested in is a stationary bike.  I want to bike in the house and generate power.  This is similar to a hybrid car that uses the battery if it can and otherwise pulls from the main line.

I think the universal input will spur a whole industry selling all kinds of products like solar panels, wind turbines, exercise equipment and games for kids.  It will incentivize people with real savings (energy bills) to get their fat asses on the bike and pedal.  This will reduce heart disease and medical bills and generally make us a more fit nation.  It will reduce the energy load on the grid and reduce our needs for coal and foreign oil.

Generally, I think this idea works on many levels.  The only thing standing in the way is the political will to make it happen.  We just need to get the universal stand input and the batteries installed.  I pray my tax dollars would go to this versus another nuclear submarine.

Whatya think?