Shaved my Head

For years my hair has been slowly sneaking away, as if I wouldn’t notice if it went slow enough.  Maybe it’s a third-life crisis.  Maybe it’s a stroke of genius.  It might even be the silliest thing I have ever done.  Whatever it was, I shaved my head.  Matthew was very excited and wanted to do it to his head too.  (I didn’t let him do it)

It feels really strange.  My head is much more sensistive than I realized.  It gets very cold without it’s hairshirt.

From 2009-06-06

I see myself in the mirror and think, “Who is that?”

Should I keep it shaved?  Maybe just short?  Let it grow back.  I don’t know.   It makes me nervous when I look at it.  Usually though I forget that I did it and surprise myself with my reflection.  I shaved it yesterday and it felt somewhat smooth.  Now it feels like sandpaper.  It’s very harsh.

People have had alot of different responses.  They are nervous.  They all say “It looks good”, but if it didn’t I think they would politely lie.  One person said it looks serious, which makes me nervous.  I just don’t know.

Maybe for my next life-crisis I will just buy a sports car like a normal person.

2 replies on “Shaved my Head”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! What the…wait, calm down, breathe. From the picture, my brain just won’t recognize you, it insists that it is some kind of photoshop, I can actually see the imagined edges of where you pasted your face onto Lex Luther’s scull. I think it is good that you tried this, but I’m not quite sure it works. It looks too unnatural, not bad, but unnatural. I don’t think you can pull off that I bald because I’m supercool (like Vin Diesel), but you also look too young to have lost all of your hair. Perhaps you need to grow your beard out. Than again, if you like it than that is mostly all that matters. And on vacations you can let it grow up in a mohawk.

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