Bloody Day

Apparently Jared cut his mouth today on a rusty tricycle. Might need stitches. I will follow up.

But speaking of stitches, the last time I got them was when I was playing football in 6th grade. I jumped up for an interception in the secondary, when suddenly Emil Bodenstein came flying out of nowhere to catch the ball. Emil had terrible buck teeth and a Prince Valiant haircut. Well those two big incisors went straight into my skull. We both landed hard on the ground. Emil clutching his mouth and my clutching the back of my head. A small crowd gathered around us.

Emil: “I fink I foke fy footh! I fink I foke fy footh!”
Glen: “Oooowwwwww”
Somebody in the crowd: “Umm Glen, Your bleeding.”

At that moment I looked at my hands and noticed they were dripping with blood. I was a sprinkler fountain watering the playground with my own blood. Nice. SO I said what any kid would say.


I ran over to Principal Stein (who had a weird thing about teddy bears) and explained to him calmly what the problem was. Well, I ran in a circle waving my arms and kept screaming, but he got the point.

So he calmly walked me over to the nurse. Seriously, he CALMLY walked me. In slow motion. I was jogging in place. He held me tight with his hand on my shoulder and walked like nothing was wrong, as I spouted blood all over his suit. He walked me into the nurse, who took one look at me and said what any nurse would say.


I drenched my clothes in blood that day, and missed the rest of recess. But I have a good story out of it.

I had to get stitches. I think I can still feel the scar. Not sure. I will have to wait until the rest of my hair falls out.

Whatya think?