Hospital visits

Two visits to the hospital in three days.
First Jared feel at pre-school into a triccyle and gashed the inside of his lip. Part of his lip was just hanging off. At the ER, the doctor said they rarely do anything with inside mouth lacerations because they usually heal quickly on their own, but this looked bad enough for a stitch. So they wanted to knock him out to do it. He was such a good boy, opening and saying ahhhhhh, when they wanted that considered using a local and holding him down with a papoose sheet thing. He was fine until the doctor stuck him with the needle. The he started to panic and cry. 5 minutes later, the stitch was done and we were hugging him. It looks ok now. Healing nicely.

The all the sudden, Ethan starts peeing every 30 minutes. We think it’s a bladder infection so we go to the hospital. The doctor does the test and says he is fine. She thought it is more likely physiological. I guess the decision to pull him out of pull-ups and into diapers at night was a bad decision. He was so stressed out about it that he was peeing every time there was the least bit of pee in his bladder.

I feel terrible. I am thinking about every look I gave him or any unintentional body language I used when he said he peed in his bed. I need to give him a more positive message. No stress.

Wow, this weekend was a bad one for the kids.

On the brighter side, Ethan had his first T-Ball “game”. I wasn’t really a game, it was chaos with bases. The coaches were very inexperienced, which frustrated me. They let a kid swing the bad with his hands the wrong way and they let the kids fight over a ground ball. To me the most important thing is “participation”. Everyone is supposed to touch the ball alot. Swing alot, throw alot, run alot. You shouldn’t have a kid or kids playing with dirt for 20 minutes. I will give the league some slack and keep my opinions here on the blog, but not on the field. Hopefully it will improve year-by-year.

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Poor poor jared. I remember when a similar thing happened to Abigail. She bashed forhead. She was so little and let had to put her in this thing so she couldn’t move her head at all. She cried until she passed out. It was so sad. Poor Jared, he needs a good present from his uncle.

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