Google Maps

Finally, a website has a picture of our street. It isn’t labeled, but it at least there. Check it out: Look near the middle. We are the street off Sycamore, facing Teraya terrace. Woo Hoo!

We had a rough weekend on all fronts. The house is a mess. Katie is mad. (She will probably get mad at me that I even mentioned it.

Today is Valentine’s day. It brings to mind all the normal things, cards, flowers, jewelry, lingerie. I wish there was something more I could give to Katie to show her how much I care. I know what she wants…She wants to collaborate more and wants me to clean up the house more and appreciate her more. But I was thinking more, like a bowling ball that says Glen on it. I think she would like that alot.

Ok ok, maybe a bowling ball that says “Appreciation” on it. I love you, honey. You are my density.

One reply on “Google Maps”

Although I searched…I could not find you on the map. But I am pretty sure you exist somewhere. I do remember seeing your house up close and personal, so I know it is there. Yo Momma
p.s. (No fighting allowed!)

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