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I am interested in writing a book.  It’s hard to get started and get organized.  The theme of the book is this:

People who know HTML and CSS, but are newbies or know nothing about JavaScript can create nice looking but static websites.  They can’t add interactivity unless an engineer helps them out.  I was one of these people.  jQuery has changed my lifein this regard.  It has allowed me to make real UX choices and implement them in cross-browser and elegant ways.

I can show through examples and explanation how to use HTML/CSS and jQuery to build very interactive and robust websites without learning to program.  It is not really any harder than using CSS alone.  I want to empower non-programmers to create great things without begging for help from engineers.

The main thing for me is to organize my thoughts logically and start the process.  The journey of a thousand pages (well, maybe 300 pages) begins with a single sentence.  Maybe I should start ith an outline.  Or should I start with examples.  Ugh.

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  1. Start with a book proposal, I can send you mine for Wiley. It was stunning how much clarity that brings (they ask some tough questions). Then move to large sections, you’ll only have three or four. What would you call them? Makes you think hard big picture.Then do chapters, and if you have a few more minutes then what would be sections in each chapter.This will clarify things for your quite a bit and give you a sense for the "story" you are going to tell. Realize that as you start writing you’ll change things and you’ll have lots of "what the heck was I thinking" and when you are done with the book you’ll move sections and chapters to make it all work better.Hope this helps.You are a good teacher, I am sure you’ll make a good author.Good luck.-Avinash.PS: That was a awesome post for Katie, I am sure you got a big hug for that! šŸ™‚ 

  2. Writing is all about habit.  I wrote 90% of a full length in 4 months, because I got in the habit of writing everyday.  Then I had to deal with that whole marriage/baby thing and it disrupted my habit, and since than I’ve only progressed 5% in two years.  Whatever style you choose just make sure you can do it at regular intervals.  Don’t try to write too much as once because than you will take a break and not get back into it.  And since the technology is probably changing quickly, you have to write even quicker.  I style is just to write and let it take me where it wants to go.  Afterwards, I can move things around an organize it as a separate process.   You can do it.  2 Pages a day and you’ll be done in 6 months.  

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