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It was 12 years ago tomorrow, St. Patricks Day.  I went downtown in NYC with my cousin Andy.  We hit Jack Dempseys Bar.  Is that the right one?  I saw this girl across the room smiling at me.  I asked Andy if he knew her.  he said, "Her name is Kathy, and her friend is Kim".  I said, "That girl Kathy keeps smiling at me.  Like she is obsessed with me or something!"

So I staggered over. (Yes, I had some to drink that night.)  As I was saying, I strutted over.  I said, "Hey, your name is Kathy right and you are Kim."  She said, "No.  I’m Katie."  I looked over at Kim and said, "So Kim, HI"!

From that moment it was a love fest.  Everything I said, She laughed and smiled and thought I was oh so witty.  She kissed me that night.  Then she called me the next day BEFORE NOON. (Crack of dawn on the day after St. Patrick’s day.)  She moved in a few weeks later.  We started a business a few months later.  We got engaqed exactly (to the day) 2 years later.  Moved apartments.  Got married 15 months after engagement.  Had a baby.  Bought a house.  Had another baby. Sold a house.  Moved to Berkeley.  Had another baby. Moved to Hercules.  Moved to San Mateo.

Somewhere in there we fell in love.  I think it was near the beginning, but its been a blur.

I love Katie more than jQuery.  More than UX Design or computers.  I love her more than the NY Jets.  I love her more than The Last Dragon.  I love her more each year and each day.  Happy Meet-aversary, my honey.  You are my density.

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