I just finished Katherine Graham’s Personal History.  It was a very good book for 60% of the book.  it went decidedly down-hill after that.  I think that her earlier life held alot more interest for me because she was talking about human relationships and famous people.  The later life focused on mergers and acquisitions and Warren Buffett.  I got kind of bored actually.  By the end, I was really just trying to get through it.  Too bad.  For the first half, she had an inspiring and powerful voice.  It was introspective in a way I really admired.  This book won the Pulitzer, but she might have gotten a view extra votes because of her position in publishing.

Next book is about Huey LongThis one by T. Harry Williams also won the pulitzer.  The reviews are pretty strong.  They compare it to The Power Broker by Robert Caro, who is my favorite non-fiction author.  I Its a little long (875 pages).

Speaking of books, I finished a third draft of my outline.  It’s moving along.  Maybe one day, I will be published too!

Whatya think?