JavaScript renaissance

JavaScript Libraries are definetely changing the way developers approach the client-side.  Richness in the UI is becomming easier and easier.  (Remember designers: With great UI power comes great UI responsibility.)

What is happening now is an explosion of different libraries that all do similar things in different ways.  Of course, I am a staunch support of jQuery.  It’s ease of use make it the perfect tool for html/css developers like me.  But there have been all kinds of new libraries out there.  Recently Dean Edwards, who is famous for his HTML/CSS ad JS expertise released a library called Base2.  He is a big fan of jQuery, but apparently wanted to build his own.

Then another guy named Dustin Diaz released his library called DED|Chain.  (rolls off the tongue.  Is it pronounced Dead-Chain?) The funny thing is that I just used a Dustin technique to fix min-width in my css.  It was exactly what I needed.  Thanks Dustin!

This new DED|Chain is very interesting to me because it is based on YUI and YUI-ext, which we at work, are using heavily.  My real question though is whether DED|Chain is going to useful after Jack Slocum’s 1.0 release.  I am not sure if it would be beneficial at that point.  Look at the samples on that page. The combo box is AWESOME.  The capabilities are just stunning.

Interestingly, in the mix, Matt Kruse joined the jQuery community and started developing with it.  I actually confused him with Matt Wright of Matt’s Script Archive.  But Matt Kruse is a Javascript force on the web and has created lots of downloadable widgets over the years.

My career and many people’s lives have been changed by HTML.  And again by CSS (or for some Flash).  Now the world is changing again.  This time by the JS Libraries.  Visual designers, marketers, content managers, web developers, executives and anyone involved in making a website should pay attention.  These tools can make you more successful.


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