TurboTax rap

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David Foltz over at Turbotax pointed me at this video.  I think it’s brilliant.  Apparently they are having a content for the best Turbotax rap.  Now that is some inspired marketing.  They should put this on TV.  Their regular commercials are boring and stale.

The work I did with Turbotax last year has been tested this season.  Although some of the tests did well, unfortunately, none became the control.  I can take some solace in the fact that my original concepts were changed and the tests I proposed never saw the light of day, but still, I hoped for some more success.  It puts a dent in my "street cred".

Sean, Florence and Sean did an awesome job and I am proud to have worked with them.  And, of course, Bill Mirbach, who is my inspirational hero!  And another shout out to Dan Mauer who was the most open-minded executive (except Bill!) that I met at Intuit.


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