I just had the worst experience with Samsung and vow never to buy anything from them ever again. #BoycottSamung SamsungSucks

I had purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for my wife. Their website shows people swimming with it. On their website it talks about the water resistance. And I quote…

The … Galaxy Watch4 … can stay under 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

The … Galaxy Watch4 … have all passed military specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing against specific conditions, including drops from 4.9 feet, extreme temperatures, dust, shock and vibration, low pressure, and high altitude.

From Samsung’s website
From Samsung’s website

After having the watch for 2 months, the screen stopped working. To be clear she did not go swimming, did not drop the watch, did not submerge it in water, did not go near the ocean. At most, she washed her hands in the sink while wearing the watch.

I contacted support and they asked me to send it in for repair.

They sent me a message 2 weeks later saying the warranty has been invalidated because of “Water Damage” and they want $175 to replace it. This is basically just buying a new watch. This began a three week marathon of waiting on hold and being transferred from one department to another. No one could help me. No one could escalate the situation. No one could get the watch fixed. It was “Pay now or take it back”.

Samsung service is designed to make you crazy. You can’t get an answer from anyone except “That is a different department, I will transfer you.” 30% of the time, transferring would disconnect the call.

Either Samsung has to say this watch is not water resistant at all, or they need to acknowledge quality problems with the seal. I would never have purchased this watch if I thought it was so fragile. Apparently, there are many people with the same situation.

Based on my experience, I am boycotting Samsung forever. I have spent many thousands of dollars on their products over the years. I have recommended them in the past. Unfortunately, this will end today. #boycottSamsung

What will I do to replace the watch? I will probably wait and buy her a Google Pixel watch. I heard it releases in 2022.


2 responses to “#BoycottSamsung”

  1. Shalom Ormsby Avatar

    This raises the larger question – Why did you buy a Samsung and not an Apple Watch in the first place? Seems like Apple is the de facto winner of the best watch prize.

    1. Glen Lipka Avatar
      Glen Lipka

      Android phone. Apple Watch is not a good choice for that. Plus it’s thick square and kind of ugly.

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