Broken Links in Blogs

I have been blogging for a long time.  17 Years, to be exact.  In my blog posts, I will often link to an image or somewhere on the web.  This is a terrible practice.  Here is why:

I just downloaded a wordpress plugin to find broken links in my posts.  I have almost 600 broken links.  The images disappear.  The pages no longer exist.  I don’t mind those links possibly not linking anymore, but the broken images suck.  Especially the ones that used to be on my Picassa site.

Best Practice:  Upload the images INTO wordpress.  Don’t rely on someone else’s site.  Bring them directly in.

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Did you get a bump in organic traffic after cleaning up the links? You should as Google takes broken links into ranking consideration. If not, you might need to log into webmaster tools or update your robots.txt

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