GarageBand Thank You

I’ve got alot of different kinds of computers in my house.  A desktop from dell, a little Intel NUC, a Mac Mini, iPads, xBoxes, etc etc.  I am not generally a Mac user, but I help my kid with his Mac Mini.

He (11 yrs old)  is a musician and plays drums and base guitar.  He is experimenting with writing music.  I said, “Hey! GaraBand on the Mac is supposed to be good.”  So last night, we started using it.  Keep in mind, I am not an Apple fanboy and use Windows 8.1 most of the time.

Let me just cut to the chase; GarageBand is fantastic.  It’s so easy to use and get started.  It has ridiculous amounts of features.  He literally write original music in a few minutes.

Take a listen.

Now, I am a proud father of course, but still, that kicks ass.  He just needs to add guitar and vocals and we will be rich!  Famous rock stardom here we come!

Well, maybe not immediately, but with GarageBand we feel confident.  Thank you Apple.

By the way…Apple doesn’t make alot of money off GarageBand at all.  It seems like a lifestyle product.  I am thrilled that they put resources towards it and hope it continues.  Sometimes wonderful products like that get shelved when the going gets tough.  Thank you again Apple!

Whatya think?