Business Trip Again

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Once again, I find myself in Las Vegas waiting to board a flight to Dallas. Being away from the family stinks. Jared’s tummy still hurts. I miss them already and the week has barely begun. I am on hold on my cell phone, trying to type with one hand. I do not want to be a “road warrior”.

Katie’s birthday was yesterday. We went to Muir woods and saw the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The woods were nice but cold. The movie blew chunks. Bad acting. Bad writing. Two thumbs down, way down. Dumbledoor is so un-wise. Booooo. The only bright spots in acting was Hermoiny and Snape. I hope Hermoiny (whatever spelling) has a career after Potter. She is good.

Plane boarding now.


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  1. Tried to call yesterday a couple of times. Hope KT had a happy birthday. Didn’t know you were on the road again. Nor did I know Jared was sick, even though I spoke to you. Keep me informed. Yo Momma

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