Busy Weekend

Stuff I want to accomplish:

  • Set up Quicken 2005. Apparently, Citibank uses a different ID/Pin for Quicken than it does for MS Money. So this will be a slow process.
  • Clean the house. It gets so disorganized so quickly. We need to dump alot of stuff at Goodwill like the crib and the blue car bed. The garage especially needs cleanup.
  • Buy bookshelf. This will house books as well as be the base for our new fish tank. It’s a nice 30 gallon eclipse. I am excited to give our tetra congo fish (Earthquake and Tsunami) more room to swim. I want to set up the tank, but it will be a week before we introduce the fish. I also want to increase the size of the school to 4 or 5.
  • Buy office chair. I need a better chair for my computer.
  • Set up Ethan computer. This probably will not happen this weekend, but it’s good to set goals high.

I’m reading about this guys tank. It’s beautiful, but read the details. He hand feeds the fish with tweezers so that no bits go to the bottom. Crazy.

Whatya think?