Random Subjects

Not bad. We accomplished much on our list. The new tank is set up, and we didn’t even have to buy a new piece of furniture. I didn’t get a chair yet, but we cleaned up alot. Overall, good weekend productivity.

In other news: Chief Justice Rehnquist died over the weekend. John Roberts is nominated to take his place. This confirms my prediction that the election between Bush and Kerry was really about who would get to nominate 2-3 justices to the Supreme Court. This is somewhat sad to me. This means 20-40 more years of conservative decisions. Why can’t progressivism be desirable to the masses? Damn you, status quo!

Change of Subject. US Open Tennis was on this weekend and we watched 2 matches with the kids. After watching a match, Jared is now rocking back and forth when he is getting ready to hit the ball. It is amazing to me how impressionable these kids are. One of the things I miss most about NY is the Open. It is such a great event. I said to Katie, “Tennis is the most popular sport in the world per athlete. (More spectators per athlete in competition). This makes it the best “pound-for-pound sport in the world.”

Allergy season may have kicked in the other day. I am starting to feel the hay fever.

Whatya think?