BUYOUT! (1996)

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Recovered from – Apr 1, 1997

Microsoft sets to buy out Netscape Navigator!

In a shocking story, the Wall Street Journal outlined the plans of software behemoth, Microsoft Corp to bypass its internet strategy and attempt a hostile takeover of Netscape Communications. This move will virtually seal, if successful, Microsoft’s internet dominance!

Microsoft until now has been playing the internet game the hard way, by building better products in the hopes of gaining public acceptance. With the common knowledge that all Microsoft products launch late and the emergence of a viable Netscape Navigator 3.0, Microsoft decided to skip the formalities and just buy the opposition.

The SEC is looking into the buyout now to see if it violates any anti-trust acts. This move would surely thrust Microsoft into a monopoly of the most exciting new medium the world has to offer.

Microsoft has also announced similar plans to buy the Manhattan upstart, Kokopelli, Inc. This move might throw them over the edge in the eyes of the federal government.

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