News! March, 1996

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Recovered from – Mar 30, 1997

Netscape released thier Navigator 3.0 into beta here. OK, so now Netscape has a 2.01 release, a 2.0 Gold beta 2 that has a nifty WYSIWYG editor built in, an international version release, about 30 or so plugins and now finally the 3.0 beta code-named ATLAS. (Ooooh, holds the world up!)

Basically what Atlas is: Netscape wants to be the first browser on the block to release ANYTHING 3.0; it was a preemptive strike against Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 due this spring in beta.

I’m downloading it now, standard version is 5 megs, I’ll let you know what I think.

In other news this week:

  • Intel announced a chip with video and 3D rendering capabilites built in.
    Verdict: Need more info, sounds good, but vague. (i.e. Cost?)
  • Sony, announced this week plans to market an Internet box affordable to the masses. ($500-$1000)
    Verdict: More like a TV/Playstation than a PC. Upgrade heaven for SONY, iffy for us.
  • Cyrix is releasing a new 686 chip/motherboard. Major point: 75mhtz bus. 150 mhtz processor reaches Pentium 200+ speeds.
    Verdict: Go Cyrix! I want some price wars!
    Prediction: Cyrix announces record sales in the fourth quarter of 1996.
  • RAM RAM RAM! Prices have been falling through the floor! 4 megs advertised in a magazine for 70 bucks! I payed double 3 months ago! DOH!
    Verdict: BUY BUY BUY! (Get EDO, why not?)
  • @Home delays launch.
    Verdict: Sigh, let’s go people, we have a revolution to see….
    Prediction: 1997 will be the year broadband revolutionized the world.
  • Apple is posting a 700 million dollar loss for the quarter.
    Verdict: This is a damn shame. Macs are greats computers and Apple is falling apart.
    Prediction: Apple bought by Kokopelli within 12 months.

    Sorry for the lapse in daily articles, busy week with boring news. -glen

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