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Recovered from – Apr 24, 1997

With every great society and culture what inevitably happens is that some losers declare themselves to be leaders of the masses. The net is no exception to this rule. These leaders try to rally the masses to follow their lead which usually can be summed up with the French saying, “Soup Du Jour!” Well take a look at what the demogogue-no-one-asked-for-their-damn-help-anyway have served up for dinner tonight!

The Support Encryption KEY!

Is this an important issue? Well, I will admit that its not the stupidest issue in the world but I don’t quite think it ranks as Numero Uno. Encryption for Mr. Layman is the technology that allows people to send sensitive information like credit card numbers without fear of someone stealing your numbers mid-flight. (Commonly referred to as Creditcardus Interuptus) So basically this technology is very important to the corporate world. Cor-por-ate. Yes ladiesbugs and gentle-giants, the corporate world is trying to appeal to the masses in a friendly manner to help them make money! That is just SO sweet! I love America!

There is also another side to this:
I think that these net wide rallies for cause de jour kinda cheapens the value of the internet coming together. The web is a fledgling medium trying to congeal its identity notwithstanding the pressure of the demagogues to conform to their view of nettiquette. Using the web as a forum to bring everyone together under one flag will eventually cheapen the bonding experience and deaden the impact of such rallies through repetition. In other words, “That was cool, the first couple thousand times it happened.” Think to yourself, whatever happened to that song you loved so much you listened to it three thousand times and now it makes you sick.

Don’t overplay the net.

This has been an editorialization. Thank you. 🙂



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