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Recovered from Archive.org – Apr 20, 1997

So whats going on in the hardware world you ask? Good question.

Vendors are coming around to releasing Pentium Pro 200mhtz servers. NT is becoming a real threat to Novell Netware and Sun Solaris on these machines. Intel is releasing a Pentium Pro Lite which basically brings the L2 cache out of the chip onto the board. This decreases production costs and only diminishes system speed slightly. The desktop PC of choice in 6-9 months will be the P6Lite 233mhtz processor. Intel is also starting to rev up their 3D capabilities in all of their chips. Vendors are hoping 3D environments translate to the desktop.

Microsoft is trying to sway the way PC’s are constructed with their new 1394 bus which can be used for various purposes and would replace the PCI architecture. Microsoft was hoping to make a dent in the scsi architecture for hard drives but it seems that the ultra-wide scsi specs are going to be in the high-end workhorses this fall. Ultra wide scsi drives are pretty cheap compared to the total price of even a causal users system. Definitely compare prices. Ultra-wides can give your system a serious kick in the butt.

Question: Which is better a 200 mhtz Pentium Pro or a Pentium (regular) 150mhtz but with a ultra-wide scsi?
Answer: Go with the Ultra.

IBM is planning to release some redhot Aptivas this June. These corporate killers will have a 200 mhtz Pentium Pro and a 8X CDrom and some 3D functionality. Prices will start around 3 grand. Yeah, IBM and every other vendor in the market.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is supposedly going to make a big splash in systems. I haven’t seen one yet. Tap Tap Tap. Things are just too damn slow. I wish I could invent a technology accelerator. Maybe if I added more RAM to the technology it would evolve faster! MORE RAM!

Georgia is the biggest loser state in the union. It passed a bill making it illegal to misrepresent yourself on your own homepage AND made it illegal to send email without properly identifying yourself. Ring Ring. I know this has nothing to do with hardware but this is pathetic. Georgia is just the beginning, expect more losers to be elected to public office in November. Are you a member of the Loser Party? Join now.


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