Charlie Wilson’s War

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Charlie Wilson’s War is a great book. Very well written. I also think it sheds significant light on the U.S. Foreign Policy in Afghanistan, but mostly its just a great story!

On another topic: I think that every 30 years, humans are required to redefine their view of their own aspirations. I grew up thinking that I was destined for something special. Now that my life is starting to reveal what I am going to be doing and how I fit into society, I may want to re-evaluate my dreams. Is inventing the next “new thing” as important as molding my children’s lives? Well it used to be, but it isn’t anymore. I think mid-life crises (life as two halves) is too simple. We need three. 0-30 (Developing), 31-60 (Stablizing), (60+) (Decline) This paint is still wet, maybe this needs refinement.

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