Memories of my youth.

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I remeber when I was driving to go on vacation. I am in the A-Team van, but it talks to me like Kitt. Sometimes we are chased by Roscoe P. Coltrane and have to jump the van over a lake. Cooter always fixes her up though.

When we get to the dock, we board the Love Boat. The captains daughter, Vicky, is cute. The cruise is to go to Fantasy island but we make a few stops first. The first stop is this little remote island where the Harlem globetrotters entertain us by playing basketball against a bunch of robots. A grey haired man is talking to a coconut. I see a native standing on the top of the basketball hoop with his fingers outstretched. He screams Bruddah! and jumps into the air onto a man with a kilt.

We leave the island and go to Hawaii. We meet a nice family there with six kids (three girls and three boys). They even have a maid with them. One of the boys finds a neat idol. Wierd stuff keeps happening though. The oldest boy wipes out while surfing and the maid wakes up with a spider on her chest. We said good bye to them and continued on the cruise towards Fantasy Island.

I meet a few other people on the boat who are going too. There are these two black boys who wish only to live on Park Avenue with a rich white man and his hot daughter. My own family was not rich like Silver Spoons, nor poor like Good Times. We were like a white, What’s Happening! My brother played the wise-cracking Dee Dee. My wish was to be on Bay Watch forever.

The crusie arrives on shore and Kahn greets us. ooops, gotta work.

Honorable Mentions that I couldnt fit into the marrative: Facts of Life’s Tootie; GI Joe’s enemy with the steel head: Destro; Alex from Family Ties.

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