Swimming in Hercules

Went swimming with Ethan yesterday. He is learning to tread water and hold his breath under water. He is so excited to be swimming. I keep telling him to stop smiling so he can hold the water out of his mouth. It’s hard for him though. He is just too happy. Its funny how he insists on talking to all of the female life guards!

Anyway, we had a good time, and hopefully we will swim often in our new house in Hercules. They tell us it will be ready in the first week in October. A nice birthday present for Ethan! Maybe we will do a barbecue at the park for his birthday.

One reply on “Swimming in Hercules”

We don’t actually have a swimming pool at our house though. Although our yard is the size of a small swimming pool with no walkway around it. 🙂

But the town swimming pool is huge and beautiful! We’ve been going up there every other weekend.


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