Concatenation of Images

Great article about using concatenation of images.  I have been doing this for a while.  For me, a major trick is to make sure that the images still look good even though they might be of varying colors.  I have been considering one giant “icons” image that has all of them.  I worry about the maintenance and management and the image optimization.

I wonder, why isn’t there animated PNG’s?  I have been waiting for PNG to become the standard image of the web for a long time.  IE7 has support, and IE6 has some hacks that give limited support.  But do these work if the background image is a PNG?  I wonder if the concatentation technique will work with PNG’s.  Will the PNG files look better at lower file size?    I should do some experiments with this.

Random other news:  Adobe announced that they are going to OpenSource Flex.  I think this is a good move.  Even though I hate Adobe right now.  Maybe if there was a free way to make rich apps, it would help them.

Whatya think?