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Katie and I recently watched Crash. Katie ad I liked the movie alot. It was a study on people’s motivations and the cause/effect relationships people have. It shows how someone becomes the way they are, especially in irrational moments.

However, there was one scene. The one with the little girl. Both Katie and I YELPED when it happened. We almost started crying. I couldn’t breath. And when the reality was revealed, I felt this overwhelming sense of relief. I couldn’t think straight for the rest of the movie. I think they should’ve ended the movie on that scene.

I gave the movie overall a 4/5 but I gave this one scene a 10 out of 5. Best scene in a movie, ever. Even better than when …dare I say… Leroy caught the bullet in his teeth. I said it. Ugh, I feel dirty. But it is true. Although you might need children of your own to truly feel that scene in your gut. Not sure.



  1. Did the scene transend time and space? Did it bring your mind, body, and soul into harmony? Did it show the greatest spirit of humanity while raging with adventure and love. Was that little girl “the master” or was she just lucky? Are brothers all over the world acting out that scene at the dinner table? You are more reckless with your words then Cheney is with a shotgun. Shame on you.

  2. Yes. Yes. Not adventure, but otherwise Yes. The little girl had an invisible fairy cloak of invincibility, which is about as real as a guy catching a bullet in his teeth. The movie just came out, so no.

    I have never seen a scene n a movie that made me feel that way. I yelped.

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