Crop rotation on the soil of Creativity

I don’t know if this is something that affects other people.  However, I find that if I spend too much time on a single thing, my creativity levels go down.  I start to run out of inspiration and general energy.  When I can rotate my crops, and work on different things each day, then my energy level goes up and my creativity levels are much higher.

I think it is because of how I like to make connections between different worlds.  For example: Fixing someone’s computer helps me switch my context enough so that user interface design becomes easier.  Lately, as Marketo has grown, my role has been focused more and more on product design.  There is less need to build desks, install software, troubleshoot for customers.  Now there are people who are in charge of those details.  This is a natural and good thing for a company growing.  However, it’s having a negative effect on my creativity.

I need to find ways to rotate my crops, so my creative soil doesn’t become fallow.  Are there people who gain energy by focusing on one topic?  I wonder what the population breakdown of this behavior is.  Asking this question is a good way for me to think about something different.  The answer isn’t the point.

Whatya think?