I was just reading the CSS3 specifications.  This got me down for two reasons.  One, because I am a total geek for reading these.  Two, because browsers are pretty far away from supporting these.  Who knows when I will feel comfortable actually using some of these capabilities?  When IE7 dies?  2010?  Later?

The stuff in there is great.  But at this point, it’s just depressing to know that it’s there and that I can’t use it.   Some of the capabilities are shadows, rounded corners, easier layout, easier positioning, etc etc etc.  It actually makes me wonder if it makes CSS even HARDER to figure out.

The wonderful part of the WWW is the ability of normal people (a.k.a. Non-programmers) to make new parts of it.  But we are heading towards a world where building is becoming abstracted and more difficult.  Now, it’s easier to make a second-life widget than to make a website.  I wonder where this will all go.  Right now, Safari supports the CSS3 spec and Firefox3 should support alot of it.

I have been thinking about Internet Explorer and the unique challenges that Microsoft faces.  Corporations have been making custom web applications that ONLY work on IE6 or IE7.  These apps are tying Microsoft’s hands when it comes to upgrades.  How can they upgrade when all of these applications depend on IE6 ONLY.   It is terrible development practice to work only in one browser, but it is also Microsoft’s fault for not supporting standards so that different browsers would work the same.

IE8 has to go towards standards so that different browsers will work the same.  This is the only way for them to get out of that mess.  I am simplifying all of this.  But, I really want to use CSS3.  What else can I say?

Whatya think?