EaseBox Part I

For a long time, I have not liked the functionality in the image zoom implementations out there. Usually I use HighSlide. It is probably the best of the bunch.  It zooms, drags around, has great styling with lots of options.  But it doesn’t dim the screen and it doesn’t have easing on the zoom. jQuery Thickbox is ok, but the lack of transitions just makes it way too boring for me.  The jQuery Imagebox from the Interface Plugin is actually pretty good, but the effect I want is different.  I want the image to zoom like Highslide.  I want Highslide with the zoom.

I started a project to see if I could make something better. Project EaseBox.  It started off great, and then I screwed up a few things and it all started to fall apart. Ben Nadel offered to help me out.  I am a programming moron and he kicks ass.

I don’t think it would take alot of time, but I really want to make this happen.  I think the need is there.

On another note:  I upgraded WordPress to 2.2.1.  Another easy upgrade.  But I still get JS errors in the admin area.

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