Cutting the Cord Part 2

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I did not realize it, but I actually have a choice on internet access. I just assumed that Comcast had a monopoly on my house. I have been waiting patiently for fiber, but it has not been available. Luckily, Grant commented about Wave Communications who provides internet access for a very reasonable price. Here is my current monthly breakdown:

Wave Internet$90I splurged for gigabit speeds
Amazon Video$10
Hulu$12No Commercials
HBO for Hulu$15
YouTube TV$35Comes with Tennis Channel and Warriors Games
Internet Total$90
Content Total$72

The main difference is the elimination of DirecTV ($150/mo) and adding YouTube. Major savings.

When I had Wave installed, I changed where the main point of entry in the house. Now, speed tests show much faster rates, especially for the primary television.

The Good
The faster internet access is helping across the board. Things load up faster and get into high def faster. I also feel good about paying less to vertical integration players like Comast and DirecTV/AT&T. I prefer to support smaller competitors.

The Bad
Hulu is very annoying that it works differently on FireTV vs Android TV.  Also, I haven’t really figured out which remote control to use. I bought one with a keyboard, but I can’t get it to work in every system consistently.

The Ugly
Its extremely hard to remember which show is on which service. There is no good grouping system. I just want to search for a show and the system just takes me to the right place. I think this is an opportunity for Amazon FireTV or Google. They need to let me declare “show defaults”. Like if I search for “Rick and Morty”, use Hulu or if I say “Play Tennis Channel”, I mean on YouTubeTV. Plus don’t get me started on the UI of each system. They are all different. Fast forwarding is the most common case and each one is different. Ugh.

Anyway, the cord cutting is starting to settle in. Still a ways to go, but its improving.

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