2018 Wishes and Predictions

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Easy prediction: Trump will tweet stupid shit all year. The Russia investigation will lead to more drama and possibly impeachment along with sketchy pardons. My main prediction is that Democrats will gain one of the houses of congress. This will yield gridlock until 2020 (a good thing) when Joe Biden is elected president.

Wish: I wish there were fewer stories in the news. I can’t take it. It’s just too much. Also, I wish that the liberals on the Supreme Court stay alive. Hang in there for 2 more years people.


I don’t care about the NFL anymore, so I will just forget all my predictions for the Jets. Roger Federer will win another Grand Slam winning an even 20. This will be his last one. Which slam? I’ll go with Wimbledon. In the NBA, Katie wants the Warriors to win the championship, so sure, why not?

Wish: I want to personally stay healthy so I can play tennis all year.


Is this the rebirth year of the tablet?  Apple is releasing a Microsoft Surface competitor. Basically, it is a tablet running a full OS. Hard to pull off. Microsoft’s surface is not a smooth experience. My prediction: Good progress, but it won’t become a solid meme.

Wish: A big leap forward in battery tech. The whole world will improve with a big step forward on batteries.


More consolidation. Comcast, Disney, DirecTV. Netflix, Roku, SlingTV, Microsoft and Amazon. I expect mega mergers. I just heard this morning that Amazon is going to buy Target. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Wish: I wish for UI consolidation. I am sick of all of the different apps working differently. I want to fast forward past the commercials in the same way every time.


Predictions are self-fulfilling here, aren’t they?

Wish: I want to work with people who get me. Don’t we all?


My kid will get into Stanford!  OK, maybe that one is a wish.

Wish: Everyone who reads this sentence will have a productive, fulfilling, and wonderful 2018.


Whatya think?