Cutting the Cord Part 3

My journey has taken a negative turn. My youngest son wanted to watch Adam Ruins Everything, which is a fun show on the TruTV network. The problem is that TruTV is not on Hulu or YouTubeTV.

Sidenote: Google Branding is Broken
For your understanding:

  • YouTube is everyone’s videos uploaded
  • YouTube Red just removes the ads from YouTube
  • YouTubeTV is a Hulu/Sling/Cable competitor and is unrelated to YouTube
  • Android TV is a competitor for Amazon FireTV/Stick or Apple TV and is unrelated to your Android phone

Google has a branding problem on their hands. They have too many products that have names that overlap with unrelated products. It’s confusing me and I know which is which. My suggestion is to come up with names that are NOT overlapping. There is still the possibility of Google TV, but maybe they are hedging their brand bets. A safer option is to choose an abstract name. Android was a great name for the phone. Do the same for TV.  Foobar TV or whatever.

OK, back to the cord cutting.

I tried DirecTVNow. It’s AT&T’s attempt at a Hulu competitor. It has many channels at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the service and the app are TERRIBLE. First, it doesn’t exist for Android TV (which is the OS of my main television). Secondly, it crashed several times in a thirty minute viewing AND it paused every 10 minutes for at least 30 seconds. I canceled my 7-day trial within 2 hours.

This led me to check the internet connection. I have switched from Comcast to Wave Communications.  I splurged and bought the gigbait speed. Unfortunately, gigbit doesn’t reflect reality. If I plug a laptop directly into the router, I can get 800 mbit download speeds. If I plug our Eero mesh network into the router, it reports 500 mbits. If I connect to the WiFi directly to the 5ghtz Wave router, I can get 200 mbits down. If I connect to the Eero Wifi, I am down to 150 mbits. I plugged the TV into the Wave router directly to maximize speed, but it seems there is no way for me to reap the rewards of gigabit speeds. I plan to downgrade to 500 mbits immediately.

Also, I have to go to their office because apparently, they reversed my last and first name when I ordered the service.

Wave has a cable service, with the channels I need, but their streaming service is not well reviewed. My kids are confused about which method would yield which shows. To be honest, I can’t keep it straight myself.

What do I do?
Well, I could reactivate DirecTV and eliminate all of the premium channels. I would then get rid of YouTubeTV since I could get those shows via Hulu or other method. I would keep HBO on DirecTV or Hulu only.

Alternatively, I could keep trying and experimenting. It’s fun to try these new services, but I am losing patience. We will see.  I am taking it one day at a time.


Whatya think?