Dan in Real Life

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Katie and I just finished watching Dan In Real Life.  We liked the movie very much.  It was a little formulaic,  but the direction, acting and writing were good enough to overcome the formula.  The story had a big family on a yearly reunion as the backdrop.  It reminded me alot of my own family and Katie.

The paralels were really weird actually.  If Katie had actually met my brother Dan in a bookstore after meeting me and they fell in love and I ended up with some hottie, then it would have been EXACTLY the same.  But alas, Lindy met Dan first, so it was not meant to be.  Otherwise it would have been just freaky!

Anyway, we give the movie 4/5 stars.  It was very enjoyable, especially if you have a big family.  We highly recommend.  I also suggest it strong to my brother Dan, because his name is Dan.  That is freaky.

Whatya think?