Design Personality in Moderation

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Where does your personality fit in?  Confidence is good, but it can be taken too far and turn into arrogance.  Humility is a virtuous trait, but taken in extreme and you don’t stand up for your design vision.  It is extremely difficult to hit a bullseye.  Who is humble and confident without being arrogant or a wimp?  Sounds like a unicorn to me.  (Unicorns are my way of saying, “Something nice that doesn’t actually exist.”  Like development organizations that do pair programming ONLY.)

In my own personality, I think I trend towards the bottom right.  I try to be self-aware and see that flaw in myself.  It means I have to continuously examine my ideas and motives and try to force myself up and to the left.  Sometimes that means eating crow or going against my instincts.  A very difficult challenge for anyone.

A big part of my view of UX is that the inner workings of the mind is the key that unlocks world happiness and prosperity.  If we design systems that go against human psychology, we do so at our own peril.  It is for this reason that I focus on my own psychology and try to derive wisdom.  Think about your own psychology and be honest with yourself…you might find some hidden wisdom in there.

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