VGA Connection from a Samsung Series 9

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I love my Samsung Series 9.  It’s sexy, light-weight, works fast.  The backlit keyboard is super handy. Everything about it making me happy, except the fact that I couldn’t connect it to the projectors in the office.  Until now…

I purchased the StarTech USB VGA Multi Monitor External Video Adapter for Video Card USB2VGAE2!

I was skeptical, but desperate as I needed to project PowerPoint documents all the time from the laptop.  The HDMI port is INPUT only (boggle!).

The device is pretty small, smaller than a business card and about the equivalent of a MacBook Air USB dongle.  It comes with some minor software, which installed without a hitch.  Finally, I plugged it in and looked up at the screen, fingers crossed.  Bingo!  It allowed high resolution, perfectly quick frame-rate, mirror or extended versions of my desktop.  In other words, it was perfect.

The only thing I wish is that the cord was shorter.  There is no reason to have a 18″ cord on this thing.  However, this is a tiny issue compared to the fact that it worked perfectly.

My Samsung Series 9 is complete.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering a MacBook Air, but doesn’t want to leave Windows.

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