Ebb and Flow

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Ebb and Flow is the natural course of life.  Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. However, these rhythms play with our psychology in a negative way. When life is throwing your curve balls you tend to think it’s just going to get worse.  When things are going well, we often think something bad is going to happen and disrupt our good fortune.

Recently, I have been stretched a bit thin and then I found out we may lose the house we are renting.  It feels like the Ebb is at high tide, flooding my life with stress and strain.  It is important during these moments to reflect on the good things in your life and how the problems will resolve themselves (for better or worse) in due course.

I am healthy.  My immediate and extended family is healthy.  My kids are smart and talented.  The company I work for is doing extremely well.  I think I am doing good work and helping the company succeed.  Money and debt, which crush many people, is not a major concern at this time.  My prospects for the future are strong and I have every reason to be happy.  I should believe I am in the Flow.

Yet, I am not happy.  I am in the Ebb.  Psychologically, we are wired to put ourselves in the context of the Ebb and not the Flow.  Maybe it’s the caveman in us who is afraid of being eaten by a bear.  Maybe it is just me.  Either way, I am aware that my particular circumstances and my psychology are not in sync.

There is no magic answer to my knowledge.  Writing this out seems to help a bit.  I say to myself, “Sometimes you eat the bear; sometimes the bear eats you.”  Just keep your head up and keep looking for the Flow in your situation.


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