The Karma Bank

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I have a personal philosophy that I thought of in high school and has been my friend for 25 years.  It’s call the Karma Bank.  Here is how it works:

When you have things in your life that make you unhappy, you are depositing Karma into the bank.  This Karma will earn interest (not very much) and you will get it back at some point later in life.  In other words, bad stuff = future good stuff.

When you have the opposite: happy occasions, you are withdrawing Karma from the bank. Happy stuff = spending Karma.

Lastly, good deeds also add to your Karma totals and bad deeds suck out of your bank and add to your bad luck input.  Diagram below:

So in essence if you want to have good luck:

  1. Do good deeds
  2. Know that any bad luck will yield good luck in the future, so don’t fret about it too much.

Not much of a formula and not that insightful, I know.  However, it has gotten me through some rough patches of my life.  I have some good deeds stacked up.  Plus, I have some bad deeds too.  If I am nice to myself, I think they are a wash.  I haven’t killed anyone yet. (fingers crossed!)

I think it’s important for people to have a personal philosophy that gets them through the day.  Maybe this one will help you if you didn’t.



  1. I am rich in karma, by this measure, and considering the events of recent years. But by any measure, it’s good to reflect upon the lessons one can learn about oneself in times of great duress–or afterwards, or maybe even 5 years afterwards. I am still understanding how things I handled in health crises or in the passage of life-changing events shape my attitudes and outlook now. And how I continue to learn more from them.
    Even this act of sharing with you enriches me yet again. Thanks for the reminder.

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