Election Day 2020

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I have a serious feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. In 2016, I felt confident in the morning and sadness and despair slowly built up during the day. Today, I am exhausted with all of the 2020 nonsense. I am sick and tired of there being news every single day. I can’t stand Trump’s constant tweeting. I am fed up with the disdain for science that people shout while using the technology that science gave us to do the shouting in the first place.

Bottom line: I need this nightmare to end. I just got back from voting and hope you voted (if you can) today as well.

Best Case Scenario

  • Biden wins. Democrats take Senate and local state houses. Landslide wave election.
  • Trump steps down without riots and violence.
  • States adopt the Interstate Compact and we can finally be done with the Electoral College.
  • Upon inauguration, Biden undoes most of Trumps executive orders and replaces the mid-level employees of the government with people who care about their jobs.
  • Biden leans into national testing and contact tracing programs.
  • A democratic dominate government passes a massive energy overhaul program and gets rid of oil and replaces it with wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources as quickly as possible.
  • Basic science research is funded.
  • Subsidies are massively overhauled to stop giving money to poor industries and start giving it to better ones, like electric cars and wind farms.
  • Education programs are overhauled to stop focusing on tests and start to focus on quality including funding the arts and music.
  • The Supreme and Federal Courts are reformed to make them less partisan. Term limits probably are a good idea.
  • World Peace. Science. Progress. Happiness.

Worst Case Scenario

  • We don’t find out who wins and it turns into a full blown revolution.
  • Trump supporters start rounding up Biden supporters and several high profile democrats disappear.
  • Trump declares martial law and suspends the congress.
  • Russian trumps arrive to support the Trump regime and occupy Washington DC.
  • The Internet is censored and progressive voices are stamped out.
  • Facial recognition and AI is used for Pro-Trump militias to target and eliminate opposition.
  • There is a mass flight of people to Canada and other countries.
  • A nuclear weapon is … I can’t finish this sentence.


I have never been as scared for our future as I am today. This day is way more pivotal than any other day in my lifetime. More important than the 2000 election, which I think massively changed the course of history. Way more important than 9/11.

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I am hopeful. Neither the best, nor the worst case scenario will happen. I will definitely be disappointed with some of the outcome. Whatever happens, we will experience it together. For better or for worse.



    1. Pretty accurately conveys my feelings back on election day. Unfortunately we’re somewhere in between best and worst case and muddling on towards a dark tomorrow.

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