Ethan – School President

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A non-UX post.  One of my kids, Ethan, ran for Student Body President of his elementary school.  He was up against a dozen other kids.  I don’t know the vote tallies, but I will just assume it was a victorious landslide!  (Why not?)

He said, when he heard the news that he won, it hit him in the chest and he couldn’t breathe.  He didn’t stop smiling for 2 days.  I did help him out a bit with the poster and the speech, but the key decisions were all his.  I don’t want to do his work for him, but at the same time, I want to teach him all the things I know.  I hope I struck the right balance.

I kept telling him to remember 3 things in your speech: Slow, Loud, Clear.  He didn’t quite remember any of those things, but it was clearer than the other kids speaking.  Two kids saw the room full of students listening and bowed out of the race.

I am very proud of him and still feel a fatherly glow.  All of my kids have so much potential.  I hope I don’t mess them up so much they squander it.  Fingers crossed!

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