Family Visit from Hell

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Warning:  This post may make you sick. 

First Daniel, Lindy and Molly had a horrible time getting a flight to the west coast.  Then when they finally got on a plane (last one of the night), molly threw up on Daniel’s lap during the landing.  He wasn’t even allowed to get up to clean off until the plane stopped.  Could you imagine sitting next to a man and his daughter in that situation.  Ugh, poor Daniel!

Then, the next day, Matthew had diarrhea.  He had to poop over and over.  Then Jared complained of stomach aches.  He went to lie down and Ethan and Bapu and I went to the park.  At the exact same moment, Ethan and Jared threw up.  Ethan in the park, Jared in Matthew’s bed.  They continued to throw up a few times.  That night, Matthew threw up in his bed.  Then I threw up at 4am.  Then Katie threw up at 4:30am.  Then Daniel threw up at 5am.

We spent the next day lying down and sleeping.  In 48 hours, I ate a half a sandwich and a glass of water.  I lost 5 lbs.  Then Daniel started to complain loudly.  Turns out he dislodged a kidney stone during his vomiting.  PAIN! Ugh, poor Daniel again!  He is having the worst time of all.  Lindy, last night was also feeling queasy.  I have a feeling she is due for the hurling sickness.

Can this family visit have been any more ruined?  I have to go to work now, but I still feel drained.


  1. At least nobody had any time or energy to fight with each other 🙂

    This really has to be the worst family visit story I’ve ever heard.

  2. Claire, Ben and I have ‘hand, foot & mouth disease’ — maybe we should come for a quick visit. 😉
    Just kidding. I feel for you all. Drink sprite, not water.

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