Published No Comments on Fantasy

Ethan’s bike was stolen from his school the other day. Katie and I have decided to wait until Solstice to replace it. So I said to Ethan, “Mommy and Daddy spoke to Santa…”. Ethan interrupted with a long discussion about whether or not Santa is real. I told him that Santa is a concept like God or Infinity. It is important to exercise your imagination and have fun in life. Of course you can define, with science, why the rainbow exists, but isn’t it fun to think it was painted there by a friendly sky god?

And what about presents? Of course, we can explain how people buy presents, but what is the fun of that? A friendly bearded fellow who eats cookies and milk is much more interesting. What is the point of having an imagination if you don’t use it?

So, I dropped Ethan off at school and a parent said to him, “I heard about your bike, maybe Santa will get you a new one.” He frowned a little and said, “I know the truth about Santa.”

Ethan needs to learn that imagination and science can live side by side.

Let’s make a parallel to “Intelligent Design”. I love the idea that God invented the Earth 4000 years ago; it is a great story. But I know logically that the story is not true. My point is that, we as people need to accept that fantasy is important to our spirits, even though we logically know that it is just fantasy.

In conclusion, “If a cop arrests a mime, does he really have to state that the mime has the right to remain silent?”

Whatya think?