Farewell Twitter?

The truth is that I hardly ever use Twitter these days. It’s not a source of news for me (NYTimes, John Oliver). It’s not a source of joy or information (YouTube). It’s not a place to gain reputation for answering questions (Quora) or mentoring people (ADPList). It’s not addictive fun (TikTok). It’s not a marketplace (Craigslist) or group management (Facebook) or a messenger app (Signal).

In the end, it’s nothing but propaganda and arguing. What’s the point?

I had been publishing my blog to Twitter and I have a few hundred followers, but I just don’t engage there. I am more active in other places. If Twitter disappeared, my life would not change. Every time I speak on Twitter, it turns into a stupid argument and I end up regretting the discussion.

Twitter is riddled with scams and Russian misinformation workers. Worse, it is a safe haven for extremists and trolls. I don’t feel comfortable there and I get no value.

Elon Musk recently purchased the company and looks, one week in, like he is not happy with his purchase. Everything he is saying sounds stupid. He is firing people left and right. Employees are panicking. It’s a 50 billion dollar nightmare. My prediction is that he gets bored and Twitter starts the 10 year swirl down the drain.

I was debating whether to wait until they let Trump and his insane clown posse back on, but I think I am just done. I am going to publish this, wait a few days and then delete the account.

No service is invincible. Things grow and then die. Just ask MySpace.

I’d love to blame Elon Musk for this, but the truth is that this has been a long time coming. He is just the final straw.


Whatya think?