Feature Idea for OS and Cloud Storage

The rise of randomware is terrifying. Can you imagine losing all your files unless you pay ransom? Ugh! The best protection is the backup your files to the cloud. I use a combination of services for different things.

One feature I don’t see on these services or on the operating system is the ability to make a folder public but with a shared password. This is very useful for things like portfolio pieces that you don’t want to be indexed by search engines or generally available, but you want to give access to particular people.  Sharing is too complex to maintain. A simple password is better.

Additionally, you should be able to password protect a folder on your operating system. I see a tool called BoxCryptor that seems to do it, but this seems like something that should be built into the OS. Potentially, this would make it harder to accidentally encrypt your files with some ransom malware.

Anyway, for the 10 people in the universe who are product managers at Microsoft, Apple, Google and Box…this post is for you.

Whatya think?