Feature Idea for Calendars

People at work often have very (VERY) busy schedules with back-to-back-to-back meetings. Of course, they are usually in different places so you end up being late to every single meeting when you just count travel.

Additionally, travel isn’t the only thing you need to do. You need to prepare for the meeting. This means reviewing notes and emails. For interviews it means checking LinkedIn. For User Research it means preparing your materials and UI presentation. All of this takes time.

The feature I propose is to automatically put 30 minutes before every single meeting you accept called “Meeting Prep”. This would make sure no one had an excuse to be late or unprepared. It would make meetings much more effective.

Of course, it would be harder to schedule. The reality is that we have too many meetings anyway. Having this constraint is a good thing. We NEED to prepare for meetings. We shouldn’t be winging it all the time.

Recently, I have been doing this manually, but it’s a pain. I wish my Google Calendar did it automatically for me. Then I could erase it if I needed to. (Most of the time I need it though)

Feature ideas are an important part of being a designer. If you are an aspiring designer, take this idea and mock it up. See if you can get someone at Google Labs to work on it. Being handed a detailed design goes a long way for someone to say yes. Don’t expect someone to magically pay you for designs when you are looking to break into the field.

Whatya think?