Feeling off

I am feeling very strange the last day or two.  I feel nauseas and tense.  Symptoms: A lump in my throat, constriction in my lungs, gas, hard to concentrate and general uneasy feeling.  I can’t think of anything particular that would make me feel this way.  Everything I think about could be the culprit, but none seem to meet that bar.

I’m speaking at Stanford tomorrow, but my presentation looks good and I feel confident about it.  I didn’t feel this way before speaking at The Ajax Experience last year.  Speaking of which, The Ajax Experience in Boston has honored me with an invitation to speak at the 2008 show this fall.  They are flying me out and paying for the hotel.  I am really excited about that, since I enjoyed the previous one so much.

Work is stressful, but no more than usual.  The product is selling.  The UX is dynamite.  I am trying to find a product manager and have gotten close on a few candidates, but haven’t found the right fit yet.

Home is good and not out of the ordinary.

Maybe it’s the spring?  Allergies have been acting up.  Maybe male menopause?  Mid-life crisis?  Maybe I need Enzyte, Natural Male Enhancement?  Those commercials make the guy look REALLY happy.

Side note:  The Enzyte commercials make no sense.  Having an erection doesn’t make women want to sleep with you.  In fact, it might have the opposite effect.  Are there really women who think, “If only my man had an chubby, then we could get busy”?

Anyway, I am feeling off and don’t know what to do.  It’s messing with my mojo.

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