Stanford Presentation

My presentation at Stanford went swimmingly.  I think my UX presentation was well received.  The class had about 50 people in it.  They laughed when I wanted them to laugh and they cried when I wanted them to cry.  My timing worked and I ended on a positive, inspirational note with 1 minute to spare.  John Gibbon, the professor who invited me to speak (and my old boss) was very engaging and educational.  And of course, the campus was just gorgeous.  I had a great time.

So now, I have guest lectured at NYU’s Stern Business School (1998) and Stanford Continuing Studies (2008).  My next appearance should be at Harvard in 2018.  Once every ten years is just my speed.

I wonder if I would enjoy going to school again after I make bazillions of dollars in our IPO?  I’d like to get a computer science degree, I think.

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