Jets Picks 2008

I am not thrilled with the Jets overall performance this weekend.  The first pick, Vernon Gholston, DE  made me happy.  Their are some questions about him, but he seems very talented.  However, it was was all lame after that.  The next pick they traded up 6 spots to get a guy that would have been available in the next round.  A tight end named Dustin Keller.  The Jets already have a tight end and needed a safety or cornerback alot more. Why trade up?

Glen’s rule #1 of NFL Drafts:  Never, ever, trade up.  All of the analysts say the same thing every year.  The likelihood of football player becoming a starter is not directly proportional to their spot in the draft.  If anything, trade DOWN and get another pick!  Picking two lower guys is more likely that one of them becomes a starter.  Why did they trade up?  What were they thinking?  Yuck.

Then they got Dwight Lowery, cornerback from San Jose State.  I hope he can play well in the NFL.  Then they picked Danny Ainge’s son Erik Ainge.  I would be very surprised if he ever took a snap at QB for the Jets, but it’s not like our QB situation is so good.  He might be the best on the team and still stink.

Finally we got Marcus Henry, WR and Nate Garner, T.  Both guys are backups.

Overall, I give them a C+.  They didn’t completely mess everything up, but in general, I didn’t think they improved the team.  Time will tell.  However, I give them high marks for their off-season spending spree.  They got alot of interesting players.  I hope they make a positive difference.  I’d like the Jets to make the playoffs if possible.  Can anyone make that happen please?

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I’ve watched Erik Ainge with both elation and frustration over the past 4 years with my beloved Vols. When he’s good, he’s very good. He has a tendency to have happy feet and to force the ball, but he has a great arm and can really throw the ball. He also has the potential to be a great, Pro Bowl QB, under the right QB coach. Hopefully he will get that chance with the Jets.

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