Front Loader or Top Loader

Our washer and dryer is on its last legs.  I think it was purchased about 20 years ago.  Its a cheap stacked unit.  Very small, breaks down alot.  We are thinking of replacing it with two good modern units.  However, there are a million options.  Do you go with a top loader or a front loader?  Katie thinks the front-loader is better, but we need the power of the internet to help figure this out.

Interesting review of washers here. It says front-loaders are better because they are gentler on clothes and have better spin cycles.  However, it also says that they are more expensive and have spotty reliability.  Man, this article is making me more confused than knowledgeable.

This article is about front-loaders. It says they have larger capacity, but that’s not what I saw at sears.  Most of the front-loaders were 3.8 cubic feet.  The top loader got as big as 4.5.

Shoot, I gttoa get to meetings.  Any advice on an innovative, energy efficient washer/dryer?  We want something that will last a long time and be great.

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I’ve had and used both and I have to say I prefer the top loaders. Mainly because you can just do more laundry at one time. With our previous front-loader (could not tell you the capacity) we would have to do about 6-8 loads per full laundry hamper. With our current top loader, it’s about 3-4 loads. Any environmental benefits from the front-loader using less water were probably negated by the fact we had to do twice as many loads. With a new baby almost here, I’m very happy we have a top loader. Just my 1.25 cents (inflation).

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